Friday, 10 August 2012

Washi(ng) Basket!

Warning! Obsession with storage and organisation again! Step away now if you are of a sensitive nature!

If I spent less time doing this I would get more crafting done - however, as one former colleague told me 'organisation is everything'!! It is also my 100% cast iron guarantee that I waste half of my play time!  So, my issue was this - I needed something practical yet pretty to store my increasing amount of washi tapes about in, but I have plans for redoing my craft hovel, so it needs to fit in with the ideas of potential shabby chic craft splendour that I have going on in my head!

I then decided that I needed to buy a bigger version of the basket for my Distress Markers - I have a totally unfounded angst about needing them to be horizontal - so this is the result! I can tot them about from craft hovel to settee, from settee to garden quite happy that they are all in horizontal heaven! They are far too precious not to have their own basket! Apologies for the background on this photo. We had some sunshine which was quite shocking, and messed up my photo settings no end!
Thanks for looking :-)

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