Thursday, 26 July 2012

Getting Organised!

Hello! Just thought I'd pop by to show you this - as the idea of sport 24/7 is not my cup of tea, I'm hoping to increase the time in my craft room.

So, I needed to start getting organised! I love a good colour chart, and I wanted one which I could have on the paper I use. So here it is! I used a lovely open stamp from Uniko Studio from the Lattice Collection, and sectioned my watercolour paper so that I had a section for each colour.

The left of the shape is the marker direct to paper, with the colour washed out the more you go towards the right. I'm going to sparkle it up at the weekend with typeset die cut title - so it can go in my colour chart folder!

Right! Just got to get my act together and make stuff now! Thanks for visiting!! K :-)


  1. Cool! You want to come & organise for me?! I'm distracted by the Olympics! Great use of the lil Uniko Stamp too! Hugs xx

  2. very cool....I could do with organising too x


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