Sunday, 17 June 2012

TPL Copic Day!

Hello Everyone!

Just a quick post from me today - I have been teaching at The Paperlane today, helping lovely ladies love their Copics! We focused on the colourless blender and all the techniques that you can do with  it. I don't know where the time went - the day went so quickly!

We made a little sample book, that you can keep on your desk or put in your workbag. We chattered so much that everyone had to take bits home to finish - so here you are ladies, the pictures to help you on your way!

The outside of the project:

The inside:

Stamps: Magnolia
Papers: The Scrapcake
Cardstock : Bazzil - Kraft

All available from The Paperlane!

Thanks for looking! Kx

Sunday, 10 June 2012


Warning - major photo overload in this post!
Hello everyone! Sorry I didn't post earlier - got caught up in all the joy of the extra long weekend for the Jubilee! I just have not got around to papercrafting - the goddess of mojo seems to have left me! **Will Try Harder!** Lol x
So, I thought I would share this today - it's not a project, it is treasure!! I was given this tin recently by my mum. She had been given it by an elderly lady years ago, and had found it stashed in the loft! I think I did actually squeal when she gave me it!
Here is is! How topical is the tin? A tin with the Queen as a child with her parents and sister! This tin is around 70 years old I think?
The inside looked like this when I opened it....
Goodies!! Old paper bags concealing some really beautiful things. Let me share some of them with you....
Just look at this bag! "Craven's British Mints - Pep Up The Day!" Lol! The buttons in this bag are all on fastenings. Here is a close up....
I dug deeper, and yet again let out a squeal! A whole bag of mother of glass buttons, of all shapes and sizes. Such a joy - look at the engraving and those hexagonal beauties!
 If sparkle is not your thing - then what about these? Brown tortoiseshell buttons in such an old brown paper bag it rolled and moved like fabric....
Then came the bag with these in....a whole raft of mother of pearl buttons, shiny and shaped. Hexagons again, flowers, scalloped....just gorgeous.
 And last, but so not least were these oddments of buttons and fixings, and a religious charm. Just so lovely. Hexagons again, sparkly diamante all wrapped up in vintage fixings. So beautiful.
So there you go. My treasure. No Caribbean beach or Johnny Depp was needed to help me find it, but it's treasure to me all the same. I don't think I'll ever use any of it, as they have all been promoted to being 'my pretties'.
Hope you have a lovely day. Oh, if you wanted to see a project from me, there is one in Craft Stamper this month! #justsayin! :-)