Saturday, 11 August 2012

Organisation Part 3! Getting Even....

So! Here I go again! 

Making the distress marker chart made me go a bit organisationally loopy for a while! First the marker chart, then the marker basket, and now - I decided I needed to revamp the colour chart for my distress ink refills, so I can see them nice and clearly when colouring with them. I had to show the refills some love, as they were feeling neglected with the markers - them being in a new basket too!!

I created a table that has all the distress inks listed - including the limited edition colours so that I could see them all at once. I like using charts like this as it helps me marry up my papers to my colours. I used the water colour paper that I use for stamping on (hot press watercolour - nice and smooth!) and water coloured a small area, just enough to punch out a small shape so that I could stick it next to the name. For my chart I used a really small heart that is part of a Stampin Up! combination punch.

Once they were all stuck and secure, I whizzed it through the laminator, so now this will help me pick  out my colours and it will also work as my palette, so I can tell which blob is which! 

So now, both my distress markers and distress ink refills are even - they both have a new chart! Like I said before, just got to get round to colouring in now!!

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  1. Gosh Kerry, you really have been getting your baskets.

    Toni xx


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