Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happiness is......

Crafting organisation! Today I thought I would share a picture of my new found piece of happiness! Here is the new large Copic carry case, with all my pens in! I used to empty my carrying bag out and put my pens back into Making Memories carousel - but now they are staying in their bag!

I saw on Copic Australia Facebook page, a picture for Valentines day that said "I love you more than Copic Markers, and that says a lot!" Love it!! Lol! My DH would not argue with that!

I got the inspiration to make these little swatch books for each basket from a post on Purple Onion Designs. I wanted my little swatch books to be based on the Copic Colour Wheel, like they are stored in my bag,  with the matched greys for each section. It took ages to get it started, but once this beauty of a bag arrived, I had to get them finished! I created a database of Copic numbers and names (that's what took the time!!), printed the swatches with the Copic code and name using label printing, cut them out, and then coloured the bottoms with chisel tip strokes to show colour and depth of colour.

I can fit my copic notebook, copy of 'Shadows and Shading' and my swatch tags for hair and skin in this too! Bonus!

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  1. Do you feel complete now! Looks like a FAB case!

  2. You are so.......meticulous! LOL The case is fab but are you sure ALL of your pens are in there ;)

  3. Best excess luggage ever xxx


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