Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Hello Everyone! No cards today, just thought I would share a few pics that have got my creative ideas crackling!

I had the fortune to go to London last weekend, and managed to nip to Columbia Road market on Sunday morning. Thank you so much Wendy for the pointer towards this absolute treasure trove! As well as some fabulous shops (more on that later!)
Now, call me weird, but if I was given an arrangement of flowers, of different types, I would say 'Thank You' and think that they are a lovely bunch of flowers. But, if I am given a bunch of a single variety of flowers, all the same colour it really makes my heart sing. I don't know why. It just does. Thinks it just makes me appreciate the perfection of nature.
Right, enough of me waxing lyrical! I managed to grab a few snaps in the flower market. The whole site in Shoreditch is just fabulous, and I loved every minute - even though you had to get there early! I just loved the colours - particularly the variety in pink! And all single variety bunches!! Lol!
Beautiful, massive heads of hydrangeas. Loved these.....
Rows and rows of pink peonies, waiting for a buyer with large arms to carry the ample stems home.....
And finally, vintage looking roses. I just loved these. Wish I could have taken them all home with me. They were all so beautiful. Really made me feel happy and contented. Don't be surprised after looking at all of this that every creation out of me in the coming weeks is pink!!
The market was the length of a street that was bordered with lots of shops selling beautiful wares, some vintage, some shabby, some art, some edible! The Cake Hole was most definately my favourite - vintage from floor to ceiling, with the most wonderful cake and tea shop out the back! Over 10 different types of cake! All served on vintage bone china! My kinda place!!

Thanks for visiting! Kxx


  1. Lovely inspo :) if only I'd seen your blog post sooner I would have booked later train home from London! That's a defo on my to do list thou one day!

  2. fab pictures, so why did i go on a thursday then?? oh yes, met me friend there..............sunday next time thought lol


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