Saturday, 22 August 2009

The Craft Hovel!!!

Well, Bev has beaten me! I said that we should post pics of the places where we create, and said by 12pm today. It's now 12.47 GMT ! I do have an excuse - and a letter from me Mam explaining why I'm late! I have a broken washing machine! Lol! Honest!!
Right - on with the tour of the my little place. Firstly, here is the view as you come through the door. On the right hand side of the room is the main storage - you can see the inkpad racks and ribbon racks from Inkylicious. They have freed up so much room - I can buy more now! My desk is right under the window, for natural light - but I do live ooooop norf, so thats a bit of a challenge when it's raining! Lol! Under the ribbon rack are my Copic markers in boxes - need nice storage for those - but have not finished collecting yet! (Ssssh! Dont tell DH!) The pully out drawers on wheels hide quite a few collections including my glimmer mist obsession! On the left hand side of the room is my nesties, paper storage - again from Inkylicious.This has provided hours of fun sorting it into make and collections!
Here is a more detailed close up of all on my desk, including a lovely hangy shelf thing I got at TK Maxx for £4! Bonus!!
Finally, here is the rear of the little room - Card blanks are in the purple box under my wheely tote - a lifesaver when I trundle off to crafty club! I think you can see from the decoration / pics that I love Paris (in the springtime, winter, whenever!)
Here is a different view of the back of the room from the hallway - you can see my stamps in 12x12 boxes stacked in the corner - clear stamps are in the Parisian boxes on the shelf units, so the very rare sunlight can't get at them! Mounted single stamps like Magnolia / Sugar Nellie stamps are hiding behind the 'Create' letters on top of the shelves. The drawers hide tools and random inks that i've collected on my travels. There is also a tub for my small paper pads.

Well, after all that I'd best get ready for my washer being fixed! Hope you enjoyed the look ;-).


  1. OMG........its heaven Kerry, so thats where you spend all your time with DT packs then....I think I will have to put some pics on my blog, of your room not mine LOL, need a tidy up first and am far too busy sorting out the shop just now.......poor excuse I know but I am sticking with it LOL

  2. Must admit - I love it up here! Especially when you've sent me new goodies! Hope the shop is sorted....;-)

  3. I love how organised you are too! Mission cake is completed!!!


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