Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Ahem. Hello :-)

Well. So this is what the deep end feels like? Have been playing in the shallow end for quite a while, and thought that today would be the day that I jump in!

This is the place where I'll post cards that I make, and pictures of my dogs for posterity - my two loves! Apart from DH of course! Lol!

So, here is the first! May I introduce you to Dottie Doris! This is not her proper name, I am preserving her anonimity so she does not get too big headed, as she does like meeting the public, but it could be a bit of a problem if she gets papp'd everytime we go out for a walk!

As her nickname suggests, she loves finding fairies in the garden, rub downs with a towel after a walk in the rain, and her comfy bed.

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